XIV International
San Nicola

Art Director: Simona De Tullio

December 17-18, 2023
Showville Theatre

December 19, 2023
International Gala San Nicola
Piccinni Theatre

The Competition

The “San Nicola” International Dance Competition is a project that promotes the art of dance from the dance hall to the stage and aims to support young dancing talents through international activities.

Workshops, Showcases, Exhibitions, Seminars animate the city of Bari in December.

Dance is the protagonist in all its different shapes (urban dance, flashmob, ballet and modern dance) together with other artistic expressions that give birth to a series of events whose goal is the audience engagement, by promoting the universality of the body language.

The Competition includes several days of workshops led by international professionals, with related performances and showcases around the city in which local and foreign dancers take part.

A topic moment of the Competition is the selection of young dancers divided into age groups and styles, which concludes with a Gala evening in the city’s most prestigious theaters.

On the same occasion, scholarships in companies and academies all over the world are assigned.

In addition to workshops, in past editions collateral activities such as photographic and painting exhibitions and conferences have taken place.

The Target

The event target is mostly young people: dancers from 10 to 25 years are the main actors of the events taking place, the protagonists of a system of relations and events aimed at encouraging a new vision of the professionality linked to the dance world.

There are highlighted not only dancing talents but also all the other artistic forms that accompany the events; thus, students from art schools, freelance artists and young creatives may join. In addition, the performance activities are accompanied by audience promotion events at schools and associations, in order to gather and include, transforming the choreographic arts into alternative educational tools.

The organizing team involves the dancers of the Breathing Art Company who, for years engaged in the planning of the event, take directly and specifically care of several management features such as those linked to social and web field, in order to reach the most dissemination and media virilization, a reality strictly connected to the youth target.

The Jury

Over the years, there have been several special guests among the members of the jury, such as Anthony Taylor, Baerbel Stenzen Berger, Tarek Assam, Matthew James Tusa (Tanzcompagnie Giessen), Blerina Arbana (National Ballet School Tirana), Keren Rosenberg, Maaike Van de Westeringh, Sophie Kienhuis, Didy Veldman, Maurice Causey (H.J. Foundation), Gjergi Prevazi (Art’s University Tirana), Jeremy Green (Ballet METT Dusseldorf), Carmen Rozestraten (ALONZO KING Lines Ballet San Francisco), Miki Ohlsen (Island Moving Company), Dushica Radier (Roc Amsterdam), Lena Lauer (Limon Dance Foundation).

Networking & Partnerships

The award is based on an international network built by the Breathing Art Company with prestigious dance academies around the world.

USA and Central America

Florida Atlantic University
Miami Dade College
Island Moving Company Newport
ALONZO KING Lines Ballet
Jose’ Limon Foundation New York
Ballet Brio Portorico
Florida Ballet
Tisch School of Art New York
Ariel Rivka Dance New York
Ballet Hispanico New York

Europa and More

National Ballet School Tirana (Albania)
Arts University Tirana (Albania)
Dance Master Class Italy and Spain
Corella Ballet Academy (Spain)
Tanzcompagnie of Giessen (Germany)
H.J.Foundation in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Budapest Dance Theatre (Hungary)
Roc Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Festival Rencontres Choreographiques (Morocco)


It is equally important the national and local network:

World Dance Movement (Castellana Grotte)
Winter Dance Convention (Molfetta)
Gravina In Danza
Liceo Coreutico Bari De Nittis-Pascali
MOS Monopoli On Stage
Premio Danza Apulia


The Competition is enriched by the presence of international choreographers and directors of prestigious companies who bring their experience on occasion of the Competition. They promote not only the knowledge of new modus operandi but also the growth of the professionals in this field, by meeting the young talents of tomorrow and proposing them unique opportunities for further training.

A significant partner of the event is the CSEN Puglia Regional Committee, which promotes the initiative in its network of sports clubs.


Follow Up

The Competition winning dancers continue their training joining further initiatives promoted by the Breathing Art Company, such as seminars and workshops, and by keeping in touch with partners.

Showcase and Events

In its content, the Competition includes Showcases with performances dedicated to young authors of contemporary dance or to international companies. In this space carved out and shared with the audience, artists show their under study or finished work of research.

Besides the dance features, the event opens its doors to all other artistic forms such as music, paint and photography, interweaving with dance and giving birth to events specially conceived for the occasion. For example the photographic exhibitions curated by the artist Clarissa Lapolla “Pas du Monde” and “A Sud di Donna” that saw dance immortalised by the photographer’s eye. Also, the collaboration with the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Municipality of Bari for the organisation of seminars on verbal and non-verbal language with the participation of the Breathing Art Company (Italy) and the Tanzacompagnie of Giessen (Germany), held in the Aula Magna of the local University.

Galà "X International Dance
Competition San Nicola"

The Gala is an event included in the fourteenth edition of DAB_20, a contemporary dance festival of the Municipality of Bari and of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese. Directed by Simona De Tullio, it was conceived to celebrate the tenth year of “San Nicola” International Dance Competition. It hosted international companies partner of the Breathing Art Company: Island Moving Company-Usa, Tanzcompagnie Giessen-Germany, Staycee Pearl Dance Project Usa, Tuscani Dance Hub, Jenniferhindance-Usa and Ens Company (Netherlands).

X Gala Guests and Dance Companies

Staycee Pearl Dance Project, Pittsburgh (USA)

Island Moving Company, Newport (USA)

Corella Dance Academy, Barcellona (Spagna)

Ny Tisch School of Art, New York (USA)